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For city folk, interstate, and international visitors, we offer here some tips for travelling by road in the Tablelands.

Information is included from recent visits and experience, so there will be gaps in our advice until we can verify latest information.

Our road map shows a series of interlinking roads, and towns and villages.

However, not all these roads are sealed - although they are navigable - and many of the towns shown no longer actually exist as towns - they are geographical areas which once may have housed a town or settlement, but now may be just farming areas.

On this page we will attempt to provide you with more details for road travel.

How to get to the Southern Tablelands by Road.

From Sydney.

Join the M5 Motorway at King George's Road, Beverley Hills, or at Liverpool. Head south to the F5 Freeway towards Campbelltown/Goulburn/Canberra. Marulan, at the entrance to the Tablelands is about 2 hours drive.

The Freeway now bypasses all the major towns of the Tablelands. There are roadhouses at Marulan, then Yass, over an hour further on. However, a diversion through Goulburn is the same distance (though takes longer) and there are petrol stations there including one open 24 hours at the Big Merino on the south side of town.

Enter the Tablelands at:

More information for other directions next time.

Last updated 20/6/07