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Where is the Southern Tablelands?

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Where is the Southern Tablelands?

Goulburn is two and a half hours from Sydney on the F5 Freeway, and one hour from Canberra, the nation's capital.

The Southern Tablelands stretches from the mountainous area of the Southern Highlands to the north, to the rolling plains of the south and west, and the foothills of the Snowy Mountains to the south east.

The climate is typically warm to hot in summer, and cold to freezing in winter. Snow is not unknown in Goulburn, and common towards the Snowy Mountains.

The region contains the city of Goulburn itself, and a number of surrounding shires: Crookwell, Gunning, Mulwaree, Tallanganda, Yass, and Harden.

The main centre is Goulburn, and there about 50 smaller towns and villages spread throughout the Tablelands.

Formerly on the borders of three traditional aboriginal tribal groups, it was first settled by Europeans in the 1820s.

The major industries are agriculture (wool), some manufacturing, and service industries.

The main freeway from Sydney to Melbourne cuts through the area, and it is well served by commuter and country railway services.

Canberra is the nearest major city, and within close distance of most regions of the Tablelands. Tourism is a growing industry, and there are many places to visit - natural attractions and wilderness areas, ghost towns, historic towns and villages, and lush farming areas.

Last updated 20/6/07