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Bungonia State Conservation Area covers a strip of the Southern Tablelands from the spectacular limestone country east of Marulan, southwards along the escarpment to the west of the Shoalhaven River.

Central to the area is the Bungonia Gorge - a deep chasm carved in the limestone rocks, which themselves are full of limestone caves.

The area was once part of the ocean floor (which is where the limestone formed) and was uplifted at the time the Great Dividing Range was formed.

Limestone mineLIMESTONE CAVES.

Bungonia is on the edge of the geological Sydney Basin and the landforms are the result of erosion of the overlaying sandstone by the Shoalhaven River, leaving mountains and ridges of shale and limestone, caves, and exposing fossils.

Bungonia is one of NSW's oldest conservation reserves; sections of it were first protected as a water reserve as early as 1872.

But it was the spectacular scenery which attracted visitors in the late 19th century, and the magnificence of the caves which appealed to sightseers and speleologists alike, and in 1902 further land was reserved to preserve them.

The caves, however, are as steep and precipitous as the surrounding landscape - hence unsuitable for tourism like other caves (Wombeyan, Jenolan) - and only well equipped, experienced cavers should attempt to explore them.

(The photo above shows limestone mining activity at Marulan, which has been carried on for over half a century. The mine will be eventually revegetated and returned to wilderness.)

Today Bungonia State Recreation Reserve is a natural wilderness area maintained by the NSW Parks & Wildlife Service and you don't need to be an explorer or adventurer to enjoy it.

The recreation area can be reached via sealed roads from Goulburn, or from the Freeeway at Marulan. Access is via all-weather road from Bungonia village.


The NPWS Information Centre is located just inside the entrance.

Advice and information on camping, bushwalking and caving are available, plus maps and environmental information.

There is also a public phone (coin or card operation).

Persons engaging in rock sports or bushwalking must register at the office.



Please note that this park and sections of adjacent Morton National Park will be closed for maintenance and feral animal control during 27th April to 4th May inclusive and 14th to 28th September inclusive.

All visitors and campers are encouraged to bring their own drinking water and conserve water wherever possible.

Our office is usually staffed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and various times over the weekends.



• Bungonia is open 24 hours/7 days for camping

• the Park is open between 9 and 5, 7 days for visitors and picnickers

• the office is open from 9 to 5, Monday to Wednseday and various times over weekends

• There is a fee of $7.00 per private vehicle per day, payable at the entrance.

Please bring correct coins for the pass machine located in front of the park office.

(This fee is exempt if a vehicle has a Park Pass. For information regarding park passes please phone 1300 361 967 or via website: or email

• Passengers arriving by bus or hire vehicle are charged $3.30. Children between the ages of 5 and 15 are charged $1.10.


The following are not permitted in the recreation reserve:

  • pets
  • generators
  • chainsaws
  • hang gliding
  • any type of parachuting

Commercial Tour Operators must be licensed by the National Parks and Wildlife service for this park.

For further information contact Mr. Hahn, Nowra office - (02) 4423 2170.

Visitor Information CentreFor more information contact:

National Parks & Wildlife Service

838 Lookdown Road,

Bungonia NSW 2580

Phone: (02) 4844 4277

Fax: (02) 4844 4331

Recorded information: (02) 4844 4341


Further information about the National Parks & Wildlife Service can be found on their website:

Information courtesy of NPWS, Bungonia SCA. Information listed here was correct at time of publication, subject to change without notice. For latest news please contact the the office or recorded information phone line.

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